Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Boyfriend's Cooking For Me, While I'm Just Getting Drunk

Cook?! Ha! I barely have enough time to juggle my work schedule and find time to write in between. I haven't cleaned my apartment in over three months. My DVR is at 98 percent. And I haven't made my bed in three weeks (what's the point, you only go right back in it). How in the world am I supposed to cook? I mean, isn't that why god created microwaves?

Sure, I can make a sandwich, or mac and cheese, or eggs. But I guess that doesn't really count as cooking, does it?

Ever since I've been going out with my boyfriend, I've been inspired to - dare I say it - cook a meal! Crazy thoughts, I know. I might even burn my building down in the process, but seeing my boyfriend cook for me every single night (that's right ladies, swoon), I can't help but feel like all I have to contribute to dinner is opening a bottle of wine. And I could barely even do that! What, it's not that easy, okay!

After he cooked me Valentine's Day dinner (see pic below), while all I did was drink the wine, I can't help but feel like a shitty girlfriend. Sure, I helped him stir the tomato sauce. And sure, I also helped him chop up the lemons for our cocktails. Although, I screwed that up because I wasn't sure how to correctly cut a lemon. What, I'm not a bartender! I just feel like I should do something really nice in return.

Ugh, I'm just so not the Martha Stewart-y type! Which is kind of ironic, since I worked for her for four years. What to do, what to do?! Well, at least I'm really good at doing dishes!

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