Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm Too Old to Party in Vegas

When you go to Las Vegas, you go there to party, right? You go there to stay out until at least four in the morning, because well, it's Vegas, why wouldn't you? You go there to drink as much as you possibly can, only to wake up the morning of your flight back home and wonder … what the hell happened!?

That's what you do in Vegas, but not me.

My most recent trip to Vegas was Memorial Day weekend with my two best friends and one of their boyfriends, who let's just say, are party animals. Now, don't get me wrong, I love to party and I love to drink. But when you're getting sloshed in the afternoon at a pool party, don't have time for a nap, then have dinner plans, then go to a club at 9 PM, let's just say ... that's fucking tiring!

I know what you're thinking … you're probably saying to yourself, she's too old for this shit. And yes, I am too old for this shit. I'm 31-years-old. When I was 21, sure, this was awesome. But ten years later, I'd rather be in Vegas with my boyfriend, eating a nice dinner rather than listening to the same house song for three and a half hours, falling asleep in the middle of the dance floor. (Yeah, so that happened).

Are you TOO old for Vegas? Or do you still like to party in Sin City?

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